All Works by Jårg Geismar

"energy" electric cables,

"No Duchamps, No Beuys" toilet, stroposcop, electricity

Totall View

"The Two" cliplamps, aluminium, electricity

"Japanese Table" cliplamps,wood, electricity

"red light above me" cliplamps, red lamp, cable, electricity

"Vulcano" cliplamps,red lamp, cabble, electricity

"two is one" cliplamps,lamp, cable, found object from column, electricity

 different works and views

"again boxes" cliplamps, electricity

"skyscraper" cliplamps, stones, cable, electricity

"Five is one" cliplamps, stones, aluminium, timer, cable, electricity

Works by Michael Rees

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Performance works by by BIOTA, D.S.R. and

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